Friday, June 3, 2016

Creating that Cottage Feel

Looking for ways to create a warm and inviting inside space that is inspired by the outside? Look no further! Jo shares her top tips on how to create a great indoor retreat for rainy spring days so you can still enjoy that outdoor feel.

 There is nothing like adding a raw edge piece to a space to make it feel like you’ve brought a touch of nature inside. They are an investment worth the price tag.

 It’s utterly easy to switch out your art to really update your space. If you are looking to add a little outdoor feel to your space, think about changing your artwork to something nature inspired.

 On a dreary, rainy, spring day it is imperative you have a cozy comfortable spot to curl up on. I love the look a sectional gives a room.

 When choosing lighting, there are so many wood inspired options. If you want to infuse wood into your décor, it’s an easy way to test out the trend. You can also consider a cool sofa table like this one made of drift wood from - everything they have is truly original and nature inspired.

 The easiest way to update your décor may just be with accessories. Add some wood pieces or décor accents. Accessories are where you can really have fun when trying out a new motif.

 If you truly want to make a statement in your space and want to create a feature wall, I’d suggest starting with a single wall and trying a stone veneer. It’s easy to install and makes a huge impact in a small space.

I also love using throw cushions with animal prints on them to bring a light and airy feel to any space.

I love to add rugs to really tie a room together. Carpet tiles allow you to mix and match a pattern and shape to make your space comfy and cozy.

There is nothing like a cozy little nook on a rainy day to cuddle up in. Find a big comfy chair and some toss cushions and you are all set. These pillows are from my collection and can be found on Etsy now.

Let’s also not forget about our furry friends! They too need a great place to snuggle up on drizzly days!  On

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Thursday, May 26, 2016

Toronto Furniture Show

Come on by the Whittington & Co showroom this Furniture Show to see my new 2016 Furniture Collection! Along with some other new products . . .

Full list of retailer locations to be posted soon on
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Friday, April 29, 2016

Mother's Gift Guide

 For everything mothers do, Mother’s Day is a perfect time to say thanks. But how to show your thanks can be a challenge. You probably want to get mom something special that she’ll treasure, something to pamper her, or something useful. Here are some gift suggestions I know my mom, and many mothers I know, would love to receive.

There is nothing like a creating art from a special photo to make mom happy on her special day. Posterjack is my go-to for turning my photos into art.

This year consider an acrylic prints or blocks that are sure to wow! You can load up your own personal pictures or choose from their stock photos as well.

Your mom is one of a kind, so why not delight her with a one of a kind item from Artemano? From serving bowls to hanging lights, from nesting tables to tea cups, this is a store where you can choose a gift that is as unique and elegant as she is.

If your mom is anything like mine, she is probably hanging onto old serving dishes and trays. This year surprise her with something new that’s functional and also brightens up her table.

 I love the KitchenAid Nesting Ceramic 4-Piece Set in almond cream. There are so many classic and trendy colour options, you’re sure to find something Mom will love.

Does your mom love to have gatherings over meals? Or enjoy entertaining outside? The PC home goods and dishware from Real Canadian Superstore for the spring are stunning! Available available at Real Canadian Superstores nationwide and select Loblaws.

When you’re not sure what to get mom, and just need to have inspiration hit, take a trip to Bouclair. They have so many cute and inspiring pieces to choose from. This year my favourite might just be their new mug’s just in time for Mother’s Day.

 Wicker Emporium is a great hidden gem for gift ideas for mom. Their stores offer gorgeous solid wood furniture and lovely home decor accessories. From vases and baskets to candles and linens this store promises to delight.

Got a stylish mom on your list who seems to have it all? Pop into Sporting Life or order online. They have great trendy gift ideas from the stylish mom to the sporty mom you are sure to find something that suits yours.

I may be a bit biases here but I think adding a pop of colour in the form of a pillow is a great way to spice up any décor. My line of throw pillows are is fully washable, including the cover and the filling; simply toss the entire pillow in the washing machine and it comes out looking and feeling like new. Jo Alcorn Collection available at

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Tune in Sunday's at 10pm to watch the episodes on HGTV!
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Thursday, April 21, 2016



Tune in APRIL 24TH AT 10PM ET for the Premiere

Are You Ready To Compete to Win?
We're casting three eager competitors to appear on Home to Win. The winner will walk away with a key to a gorgeous home, renovated and designed by 20 HGTV Canada stars.
Home To Win is a new powerhouse reality series on HGTV Canada that offers Canadian viewers the opportunity to compete for the biggest prize in the history of HGTV Canada – a gorgeous, fully-furnished home!
For the first time ever, 20 of our best-known HGTV Canada builders and designers will gather under one roof, bringing their extraordinary expertise, creativity and reno know-how to this massive project. Together they will completely transform a ho-hum house into a magnificent masterpiece! Home-winning hopefuls from across the country will vie to compete for this spectacular house in the dramatic series finale.

It is going to be a crazy ride:
Follow my social sites each segment for more behind scene/updates of the show!!
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Thursday, March 24, 2016

Give Your Space a Hotel-Worthy Makeover

Watch Segment Online:

 How to apply inspiration from restaurants and hotels to your space.
Products Featured
Wallpaper supplied by Lowe’s Canada
Walls Republic R3707 Contemporary Faux Wood Nature Tree Stump Firewood Wallpaper  $115.00
From Elte:
Cecily End Table $995
Yates chair $2,895
Hemisphere cocktail table $1,295
Rug - ACHILLES GREY/IVORY  $1,565.00
From EQ3:
Klere Bookcase $899.00
Abra Floor Lamp $229.99
Accessories provided by HomeSense Canada:
Faux Fiddle Tree: $149.99
Black and White Chevron Throws: $39.99 each
 Decorative Ceramic Vases starting at $19.99
 Faux Succulents starting at $9.99
 100% Cotton 5'x7' Rugs: $129.99 each
 Decorative Cushions starting at  $24.99
 Coffee Table Books starting at $24.99
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Monday, March 14, 2016

Tiny Bathroom Challenges & Solutions

The two rooms I am asked to work on time and time again are kitchens and bathrooms.  Bathrooms in older homes and some builder homes are often tiny and poorly laid out.

 In a small space, I tend to lean towards lighter colours to help open up the space. I often choose to freshen it up and make it as light as possible.


I also recommend sticking to primarily white accessories and some funky accent pieces in blues and greys to accent the space; is a great source for fresh, light and affordable accessories and linens.





I love maximizing space by choosing a vanity that has storage, especially if it’s a guest bathroom or main bathroom where you might want to tuck things out of sight. This vanity in a shade called Morning Dew is from and can be found at Lowe’s (I love that you can get it at a big box store but it really has a boutique feel).

The faucet is really the jewel of any bathroom that finishes off the space just right. This is a perfect place to splurge. I love options for a sleek and modern option that commands attention.

Heated floors are a luxury I like to add to any rooms with tile or engineered hardwood. It’s economical in a small bathroom and can act as your primary source of heat. In this setting I used mats which are standard and delivered in no time.

 Finally, a product I have been in love with lately: plank flooring. I recently used planks in style called Tivoli. While modern, it’s also warm and homey. It’s easy to maintain, durable and attractive option for any space, and ideal for this one. With the warmth radiating from this flooring, it will warm more than just your feet!


Small spaces can be a challenge, but when you work from a healthy base, even the smallest of spaces can become a functional and elegant area you are happy to spend time in. Go on, glam up your small space!

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Monday, February 22, 2016

Tips to Brighten your mood and keep you warm and cozy this Winter

With the dark days (and nights) of winter upon us, it’s hard to stay upbeat and not want to curl up in a ball and hibernate until Spring. Fortunately, I have some tips to help get you out of that winter funk, embrace our cold and dark climate, and stay warm at the same time.

– You’d be surprised by the impact colour can have on your mood. Add colour into your space with your pillows and accessories – my Jo Alcorn dog beds and pillows have great colours to choose from A great trick I use is to fill a mirrored tray with white or bright accessories – this is an easy way to create a nice centerpiece that can be changed with the seasons.  Another easy winter DIY is to spice up your bland and outdated accessories; sometimes all is takes is a can of spray paint and some bright colours to really add punch to a space. I have used Krylon to spray bathroom drawer pulls, vases and even kids accessories that need new life, and new colour!
Cozy Corner
– Honestly, there is nothing I love doing more than curling up in front of a fire with a glass of wine and a good book on a cold winter’s night. Create a corner in your home that you can use as your chill-zone (without the chill that is!). If you’ve been thinking of installing a fireplace in your space and have access to natural gas, I love the look and feel the KozyHeat Birchwood unit (the price point is also one of the best on the market)
. If you are in a condo, or don't have access to natural gas, there are great electric options out there (I even have one in my own home). Dimplex has a huge assortment of units that have such realistic flames people often mistake it for a gas unit. These units are great for condos, small spaces and also make a great addition to a feature wall. This year they have launched a new Prism Series that is perfect for small spaces

– I love the look and feel of natural fibers inside the home. My go to for anything nature inspired is Artemano. They are a Canadian company that makes great one-of a kind pieces that are nature inspired. Grab a couple of comfy chairs or stools made from tree trunks, light some candles, and settle in with a good book.

Window Wonderland
– If your house is drafty, that should be the first order of business in the winter. Fix the gaps or even consider new windows and doors. Did you know that in the winter months some window companies will offer you a discount since it’s not their busy season? Total Home Window and Doors is a great Canadian company that can turn windows and doors around for your home sometimes in as little as two weeks.

Mood Lifters
If you really can’t snap out of your winter funk, a few additional things I do is to ensure I get outside each day with my dogs for a brisk walk (even that little bit of sunshine and fresh air helps). I also love anything natural that helps boost my energy and mood so I always have my kettle handy (I love Kitchen Aid’s blue stovetop kettle)
and a selection of herbal teas or Neurapas Balance, which is a combo of St. John’s wort, valerian root and passionflower, to perk me up.  Finally, I love fresh flowers and think everyone should have them in their home year-round.


Get Floored this Winter
– A cozy rug is a great way to create a warm and inviting space (and keeps your feet toasty in cooler months). Flor carpet tiles are a great way to add colour to your space and, since they are tiles, it’s easy to mix and match so in different seasons you can change up the pattern.


Use a few, or all, of these tips and suggestions to brighten your mood this winter. Wishing you warm and cozy days!

Until next time,
w&c design girl!


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