Thursday, March 28, 2013

My Para Paint DIY Project!

I tackled a small but rewarding DIY project last weekend. I have been searching for just the right size square coffee table with a white top. Needless to say, when you have an image in your head of a object you want ,you usually can't find something like it. So, I ended up buying a table off of Kijiji for dirt cheap, gave it a quick sand and applied Para Paints Ultra to the top of the table in of course, my Jo Jo Whitewash PF 17 colour :) What a transformation! I was a bit worried about the durability of the paint, because as we all know painted pieces of furniture usually marks quite easily, however, I am pleasantly pleased to report it more then durable and mark free. Trust me we have not been easy on it at all!!  
Quick reference facts on Ultra Paint from Para....
  • Their Finest 100 per cent Acrylic.
  • Exceptionally Durable Finish.
  • Only makes for the best value for pets + kids.
  • Easy to apply product (so smooth)
  • Canadian made, low carbon foot print, super low VOC's, low odor (all very good points for kids who are near the painting area)
  • Ultra line is the BEST TOP quality of paint! It really is the ULTRA in Durability + Performance.
  • Ultra has a Finish for Every Application + Room/ Surface!
  • Great way to add colour and durability to kids spaces in an Eco friendly way!
 Have a great Easter Weekend Everyone!!

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Tuesday, March 19, 2013

Jo's on BT talking durable materials for Kids and Animals!

Everyone always wants to know what materials theytu should be looking at when they have to think about their kids and animals, well Jo is here to point us in the right direction and will explain what you should be looking for within your materials to make sure they stand up to your  lifestyle requirements.  

Watch online:

What are the best materials to use within your home when you have kids and animals, from flooring to fabric to paint, the most durable products that you should be considering for your home makeover!!

Practically indestructible materials to keep your home looking fresh and new throughout the years of your chaotic lifestyle.  
Their Finest 100 per cent Acrylic- Smooth +
Exceptionally Durable Finish. Super easy to clean (Washable or Scrub able)
Only makes for the best value for pets + kids!
Easy to apply product (so smooth), easy soap and water clean up, Canadian made, low carbon foot print, super low VOC's, low odor (all very good points for kids who are near painting area)

Creekside Tile Company has recently opened it's Toronto location on Clarkson Avenue, in the design district, near Eglinton and Caledonia. Creekside Tile, which originally opened in Vancouver more than a decade ago, carries a variety of tile, stone and glass products from around the world. We import directly from England, Italy, Spain, Japan, China, Mexico and a number of other countries.

Final tip: if you can try to match your materials to your animals hair colour. This will hide the amount of hair that has collected on them and always look clean.

Always a fun morning with the BT gang and Dina!!
I will be back on April 12th talking Spring trends!!
See you then.
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Thursday, March 14, 2013

How to Decorate Your Winter Front Porch on a Budget

Is it winter or spring? We are in the between stage on how to decorate our porches, so I asked Jessica Phan for help with some fun porch decor ideas and on a budget for this time of the year! 

First impression lasts and this is especially true when it comes to your home. The front porch is the first thing that greets visitors before they enter your home and winter is the best time to make it cozy and inviting.

If you want to create a lasting impression, consider decorating the space so that it becomes more welcoming. You don't need to do a complete make-over or chip away at your life savings to accomplish this task. Here are a few ideas:

As beautiful as your Christmas decor may be, you have to take them down at some point. You can leave the wreath and garlands, however, and tweak them a little to make them less Christmas-y. If you have a plain evergreen wreath, you can use it as it is or lightly dust it with Epsom salt to achieve a snowy effect.

Bring out your thick, plaid blankets and throw them over chairs or porch swing. The effect not only creates an aesthetic appeal; you and your guests can actually use them when you're out on the porch for after-dinner coffee or drinks.

Baskets are great additions to a winter front porch. Scour thrift stores and flea markets for cheap ones or use that gift basket that your boss gave you last Christmas. Fill them with pine cones, evergreens and berries and set them by the steps or your front door.

Embellish your snow shovel by using faux berries tied to colorful ribbons. When not in use, set it near the door and it instantly becomes as a part of your winter theme.

If you know how to quilt, make your own wall hanging with a winter theme by incorporating pine cones, red cardinals or snowflakes into the design. Forget about going to the department store to buy expensive cushion covers. You can make your own if you have the necessary skill.

Putting some decorative banners can instantly add beauty to your front porch during winter. You can simply display flags with the text "Welcome Winter" and those with various designs like pine trees, pine cones, snowmen or sleds. Turn this into an art project that you can make with the kids.

Check your yard for dried sticks, twigs and branches. Tie them up in a bunch or stack them in one corner of the porch.

Get a thick and decorative outdoor floor mat and set it near the front door. Red is a great color during this season and adds warmth to the front porch.

Winter calls for a warmer ambiance and candles are the easiest way to achieve this. If you have empty mason jars, fill them with berries or acorn (or both) and place the candles inside. You can either hang them with the help of wires or line them up by the window or on top of the railings. This gives a very charming and welcoming approach that improves the overall atmosphere of your home.

If you have pair of old gas lamps lying around, scrub them clean and use them to illuminate your porch. You can either use tealight candles or low-wattage incandescent bulbs to get that soft, mellow glow.

There is no need to hire an interior designer or spend hundreds of dollars for a winter-themed front porch. Decorating is easy (and inexpensive!) as long as you are resourceful and creative. Happy decorating!

Jessica Phan is a designer for "" purveyor of high-end  "artificial Christmas Trees" .  Living in the San Francisco Bay Area is perfect for her because she has a wide range of interests, including Art & Design, Fashion, Photography, Painting and Thrift Store Shopping.

Thanks so much Jessica!

until next time,
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Friday, March 1, 2013

Cool Commerical Spaces!!

Now  theses are Cool Commerical Spaces!!! These are interesting designs for the public and employees to enjoy . . .

PerceptionPinned Image

indigo and pinkwow!
Now that is a tree

cleanCool curvesAwesome lights


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