Tuesday, July 24, 2012

Breakfast Television's Kithchen and Bathroom Tile Segment with Jo!

Let's talk tiles for your Kitchen and Bathroom Renovation Project.

Starting a renovation can be very stressful let alone trying to figure out your tile scheme . . . .
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Wednesday, July 18, 2012

Carbon Footprint Controversy

For our next GREEN topic, I thought I should start by breaking down some very important terms. So today we are tackling the Carbon Footprint Controversy! Now I was surprised in today’s times that I can find people that don’t exactly know what a Carbon Footprint suggests. However at the same time I am not that surprised, with so many confusing definitions and information out there the word Carbon Footprint is loosely tossed around with no real thought processes behind it. So, to simplify the term it is literally the amount of energy used to create or develop. For example if I walked in a straight line to the other side of the room I would use less energy then if I zigzagged; to really simplify the meaning. So when products come from over seas they have created a larger foot print then a product from North America. Which make complete sense in laymen terms; however there is a controversy to everything and this one can be tricky. Just because something takes longer to ship does not always equal a larger Carbon Footprint. You must also look at how the product is produced and the materials that are used within which can lead to a larger Footprint. So if a North American company had to order a certain type of wood from a company overseas before they can ship it to you in another Province. The amount of energy to have both companies involved is greater then buying direct from the overseas company.
Wow, I feel like I am talking math equations here. However to really understand the power of the Carbon Footprint, you must think of it as a math formula. I know not that glamorous or fun, however once you get it, you are completely reshaping the environmental movement by keeping track on the Carbon Footprint. Hence the reason why Farmers Markets have become once again popular. Not just because it is supporting your local economy but because it has the lowest Carbon Footprint. When weighing out the math formula of a Carbon Footprint you must take in consideration the materials within the product and ask where they are from to figure out the amount of energy used. Where is the fabric produced and shipped from or wood that is used to make your sofa and so on and so on.
You might be surprised to find out that most of the big retail stores that are claiming they are GREEN actually have the largest Footprint. Due to the fact that most of them have had to rely on multiple countries to create the materials used within. Or the process that they have had to use to create a fibre or material within North America uses more energy then another country. To use Hence again, look at the oil market. Canada has one of the largest oil supplies in the World; however it is very evasive to produce which also mean more expensive, which is why we rely on our relationship with our Oil friends overseas.  I know this can be confusing but mostly more time consuming then anything to figure out the Carbon Footprint. However it is one of the best steps to in becoming GREEN!  The Carbon Footprint is just as important as the GREEN materials used within the product if not more! So next time you go buy a product find out the actual size of the Footprint before trying it on.  To quote Kermit the frog “it isn’t easy being GREEN!”

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Thursday, July 12, 2012

Elle Decor White Interior Inspiration

 . . .  Oh LaLa!!

Stay clean in those rooms . . . hehe

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Wednesday, July 4, 2012

Summertime Entertaining Budget Tips!!

I love facebook for it connects you with fabulous people you would have never been introduce to other wise. I have been a fan of Roniques facebook posting since the moment we became friends, so it was only natural to ask if she wanted to do a guest post showcasing her always so inspiring pictures and helpful decorating/styling tips for all! I wanted all of you to be introduce to her as well so here she is and I do hope she visits us more often with her more of her inspiring tips! 

How to Save Money for your Summertime Party . . .

Summer inspiration is all around us! From the warm weather to the cool breezy nights that beckon us to linger with our friends in the backyard, summer is here and it’s time to throw a party! Whether you have a pool, small terraced apartment, or even meet up with your friends in the park, there is no need to be discouraged due to your pocket. Here are tips to help you save money this summer for your fabulous party!

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·        Come up with a theme: Before you start pricing out rental chairs, tables and tikki torches come up with a theme to carry out. If you have enough space plan for your backyard, garage or at your local park to save money on a venue. Once you have decided on a location the theme may become easier to decide. From seasonal ideas such as tropical, pool party, to choosing colors, flowers, or even choosing your favorite summertime movie can be great themes to carry out inexpensively.

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·        Use everyday items for decoration:  Once you have chosen a theme think of everyday items you can use for decor. Are you a beach-goer who has surfboards, life preservers and other water sport items laying around the house, use them for decor around your party! For a garden summer party use the natural backdrop as your decoration and embellish by hanging colorful paper lanterns and even string lights from trees and bushes. There are many string lights available today that run on small batteries, so no worries for finding and electrical source.

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 What are you waiting for? Summer is here and its waiting for you to enjoy the weather, the company of friends and family, food and quality time together. Use these helpful tips to create a budget-friendly summertime experience for all. Ask your friends to pitch in on food and beverage and you will love how much you save. Have fun!

Ronique Gibson, Assoc. A.I.A. LEED AP, is the principal of Stagetecture.com. A home lifestyle blog that helps home enthusiasts and homeowners love their home. From decor and organization to DIY projects, Stagetecture will help you find inspiration for your home. Ronique is also the author of 111 Simple Tips for your Everyday Home.

Thanks so much Ronique for these great tips, can't wait to put them to use!!

Happy Summer Days to all!!!

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