Wednesday, June 22, 2011

Delta’s Smart Solutions!

Okay if you haven’t bought a touch faucet from Delta yet – you better go get one!!

I just love them. They are such a show stopper in any space and so user friendly when you’re cooking! I had the pleasure of using the product first in a clients home and then on my pilot for a new design show. They come in a few different colours and styles and all I can say is:

“how did I live without one before!”

Those who have issues with touching surfaces with your hands after working with meat, or if your hands are always covered in baking goods, this will be your best friend for sure! It just makes life that easier in the kitchen and who doesn’t need that. The technology is unbelievable, you can touch any spot on the faucet and it will work, at first I thought there would only be certain areas, but nope the entire unit has this smart technology built into it! I almost feel that we are in the space ages with this technology in the kitchen, living like the Jepsons! hehe

Well I really don’t have much to say but that I love it and I just wanted to

share it with all of you!
P.S: it helps conserve water too!! Stay Green!!

Until next time
w&c designer girl!

Tuesday, June 14, 2011

Montreal - Bouclair

Had the pleasure of traveling to the stunning city of Montreal last week and while I was there I was able to meet up with the talented crew of Bouclair Home!! It was a true pleasure to meet the very charming and young may I add President and his very talented support team, who has turned the image and feel of Bouclair completely around. For many we still remember Bouclair as a fabric store with a few accessories, however if you haven't been to a store lately, it is completely different!! You will find well organized, colour coordinated aisles, cute and well priced fun accessories and of course a bit of their staple trademark, rows and rows of ready made drapery!! They are the perfect stop for those finishing touches on your make-over. Apparently there are even some more exciting additions and changes still to come to their new brand face lift. The young and zesty attitudes for life and fun is just the start of the 2003 business change over at Bouclair headquarters. "At Bouclair Home, we are focused on three things: Home, Fashion and Value. Our people are constantly traveling the globe in order to make sure we have exciting new products for you every single week. We work hard to ensure that we can offer you the best price."
And on a side note I took in a bit of the Formula 1 events,
and the Rihanna Concert!! Amazing!!! Drake as the surprise guest :) Plus had the pleasure of meeting Lynn Spence a long time admirer of her CityLine segments!

Thanks Bouclair for a fabulous meet and greet in Montreal!!

with love and until next time,
w&c designer girl!

Wednesday, June 1, 2011

Double Duty Furniture

Watch this episode online now
Watch this segment online now
If space is a commodity in your home, we've got the answer for you! Designer Jo Alcorn shows us 4 very clever double-duty furniture pieces- ideal for any home, whatever the size!The best thing about double-duty furniture is discovering what its second function is. Take this gorgeous coffee table, for instance...Slide the top off the table and it instantly becomes a bed! The Gustavian End Table is perfect for that space needing an end table - or a cute bedside table...And a desk! We love this because it takes an unused corner or small space in any room and instantly transforms it to a functional workspace.This coffee table has another surprising opens up to become a desk!And finally - our personal favourite...This drop-leaf table makes a perfect sideboard when folded down.But open it up and you've got hidden seating for four and a table large enough to feed 8!Where to get it: All double-duty furniture pieces: Julia West Home
Until next time,
w&c designer girl!


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