Monday, August 24, 2009


Who is actually Green out there. Jo sends a challenge out to the entire world, WHO IS GREEN AND HOW ARE YOU GREEN!! Share with the world if you are green by sending Jo an email or vid clip showing the rest of the world what you do to protect this earth. The CHALLENGE is ON, and who will the PLAYERS be!!!


  1. so happy to see someone up for a challenge here! You will be receiving a lot of information from me soon.@vollfinteriors

  2. Anonymous said...
    Dear Jo: I just watched your eco challenge video. I think I was born green. Growing up in a frugal Dutch family, I learned how to clean glass easily and efficiently with natural products at no expense. Which frees up cash to buy the those quality items.
    In a bucket of hot hot water mix a gluck of amnonia and a dash of dish soap. No bubbles please a dash is as big as a drip, and a gluck is one big splash from the jug, maybe 3-4 oz. Use a soft cloth and wash your windows. Squeegie the windows wiping the rubber blade on a dry cloth every stroke. You will see instantly that there is no smears, so nothing but the beautiful outside shines in. And all your windows are done in no time, I MEAN NO TIME.
    Use the same mixture on your car windows. And actually it will clean it all. The windows, the floors, the walls, the ceiling.
    Great for the fly marks that we get in the country at the end of the summer.
    When it comes to flower vases or wine glasses I use the same mix. But very often if the item has been forgotten and is very dirty, the addition of baking soda will do the trick.
    Saskia Post Design


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