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2010 - 2011 Home Furnishing Trends

2010 - 2011 Home Furnishing Trends. Apparently the 80's are coming back! Go figure, but we all know with every trend return there is a twist with a modern touch, a reborn of the 80's we should say. Needless to say the era that we all dreaded is returning and returning strong. God speed my friends :)

Top Ten Trends by Michelle Lamb;
1. Re-cast Blues (warm blues such as denim are expected to become increasingly popular with consumers over the next two years).
2. Coral colours (these will be all the rage in home decor whether in the pink or orange tones that have dominated in recent years).
3. Neutrals with chameleon personalities ( These are neutrals that change with the light source surrounding them).
4. Traditional tendencies (particularly in design and styling as contemporary gives way to traditional, thanks to a lean economy and young adults looking for historical anchors).
5. Tribal takes on global trends (Subway is selling Tikka Masala sandwiches in India).
6. Home grown patterns in eating and living (think The 100-Mile Diet) - I did a blog on the Diet so check it and learn more about this movement.
7. Oak Revival (but this time it's white oak, not red oak).
8. Conservation and frugality (the recession is forcing people to spend carefully).
9. The growth and increasing importance of social media (e.g. twitter)
10. Increasing consumer use of mobile technology for comparison shopping and information gathering.

Retailers will begin shifting their assortment focus from Boomers to Gen-X and Gen-Y (the former are beginning to retire while the latter are beginning to flex their muscles as consumers and power brokers in society).

So there you have it the Trends to expect in the New Years! Shop away my friends.

Happy Holidays!
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