Thursday, April 8, 2010

Question for you???

I have a Question for you??? When it comes to blogging what do people really want, do they want a site with a ton of images and a little bit of writing or blogs filled with information and maybe an image here and there??

I am torn on which I like and which direction I should take on my site, I follow a lot of blogs that are filled with images because that is what I am attracted too, quick easy reading. So I thought I should do the same on my site but then at the same time when I am researching information I am attracted to the blogs who are full of information. Now there are a lot of blogs out there so which ones are succeeding more then the other, IMAGES OR INFORMATION??

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  1. I think content is really important, it helps inform the reader and get the info need to educate and keeps things new and fresh. I also think photos are just as important and can help draw your readers in. For my blog I keep it short and sweet and use lots of pictures but have been told it's a good idea to focus on both.

  2. I don't have a lot of time to read blogs. I like the content to be concise, informative and if you can throw in some pretty pictures to back up your content - even better! I lose interest quickly if it's too wordy. Having said that, I think a healthy dose of both is good. I think it really depends on the person reading the blog. You may not strike a chord with everyone but that's ok! I'm no blogging expert but if you write about things that matter to you, I think that's what will keep people coming back.

  3. Thanks guys! I appreicate the answers!!


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