Friday, November 12, 2010

Great Speakers!

This Fall my new adventure has been teaching part time at Humber College North Campus! Which I am really enjoying, especially my one course where I bring in speakers to inspire the up and coming designers with professionals in the industry sharing their experiences and knowledge. My latest speaker was my good blogger friend Vitania!
It was like meeting my pen-pal for the first time. Vitania and I meet through twitter and blogger and instantly became advocates of each work! We constantly communicate through social sites but never in person, so it was such a fabulous meeting. She talked about her path on she got to where she is now in the design industry which was so interesting! I have never heard the students be so vocal with questions before! My favorite part was her final words to the students which I have to share with all of you:

I am so excited to have her back next semester and to see her at her Blog Event in a few weeks! Kimberly Seldon is speaking next week which I am so excited about as well! Some of the other fabulous speakers have been;

and so many more to come! In Vitania's message of embrace , I am so excited to embrace what teaching has in store for me in the future!

Until next time,

w&c designer girl!


  1. Thank You Jo.. It was so great to officially meet you too. It is kind of like meeting a pen pal..:-)

    See you soon..


  2. What do you teach? The guest speakers that you have had in the past look like home renovation places. I am looking into learning how to lay tile and do some DIY things around my house. I love your blog, thanks for posting!


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