Saturday, April 2, 2011

Small Balcony Decor!


Watch this episode online now Watch this segment online nowThe minute the weather gets warmer, we can't wait to be lounging outside! Designer Jo Alcorn showed us her 5 favourite outdoor loungers.The Paris Chair from Alfred Sung redefines outdoor elegance and style- not to mention unique design!If it's comfort you want, the Lotus Lounger is your perfect outdoor lounging companion. The indoor/outdoor fabric makes them perfect for any space and the bright colours will give your dock, patio or pool deck an amazing pop of colour. We can't wait to spend hours and hours crashed out on these poolside!The Luft Chair from Fute Design is the ultimate in chic outdoor design.The PS Vago Easy Chair by Ikea, is another unique looking piece - with its low, wide seating and variety of fresh, fun colours!The Cane-line Acapulco chair was the biggest surprise of all! With its cool design we were certain it would be an uncomfortable sit, but nothing could be further from the truth. These also come in a variety of colours- talk about cool design!

The only thing we love as much as lounging outdoors is dining! These days a lot of outdoor spaces are quite small but don't let that discourage you from entertaining on yours! As you can see, you can pack a lot of both colour and utility into a small space if you choose your items wisely!We just love the bright colours and fresh summer vibe of this small space balcony set up.

We used faux grass outdoor carpeting on our balcony, but another great option are these Platta deck tiles which come in packages of 9 and easily click together to create the look of a stunning outdoor deck!Happy outdoor dining, everyone!
Where to get it: "OUTDOOR LOUNGERS" Alfred Sung Paris Chair - Lotus Loungers - Luft Chair, Fute Designs - Ikea, PS Vago Easy Chair - Cane-line Acapulco chair from Fresh Home & Garden - "SMALL SPACE BALCONY" Andrew Richard Designs - Claire Bistro Dining Set - Snow White Solartex Weave, $2105.00 (for 4 side or arm chairs with customizable cushions and a 32" folding table) Grass Mat $7 per square feet Green polka dot cushions: Indoor/ outdoor cushions made to order $49 per cushion Stainless Steel Torches $79.95 for a set of 4Bamboo Panels Orangeville Furniture: Lanterns, green throw - Ikea: Platta deck tiles& Stenstorp Kitchen Cart - Bodum: Fyrkat Picnic Grill - Fresh Home & Garden: Woven baskets, Galvanized Steel Can with Faux Grass, Orange & Green Pillows - The Bay: Capri side tables (in white) - Crate & Barrel: all outdoor dishes, glassware, trays & cutlery - Until next time, w&c designer girl!


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  2. I am impressed with the designs and color. The Lotus Lounger really caught my attention, if you are really creative no matter what materials you are going to use. You could create and extra ordinary things that would amaze the people.
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  3. one of the best post i saw here. Keep it going! Thank you.

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    1. The thing is not only beautiful but also spacious and is easily adjustable anywhere be it bedroom or living room due to the elegant looks of it. It definitely complements my other contemporary styled furniture.

  5. Amazing View of Small Balcony decor....

    Thanks for sharing!!

  6. nice blog thanks for shearing good read


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