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Home Office Solutions


With laptops as the most popular form of computers now, people don't need that traditional clunky ugly computer desk anymore. Design Specialist Jo Alcorn says, "Home offices have become a part of the room's decor and stunning work areas are created every day, either because people don't have a separate room to designate to the office or they want to be part of the main living quarters."

Jo showed us three examples of how to incorporate a home office into our homes.

Dressing your desk like it is a hall table is an easy way of making the workspace a stunning area and not an eyesore within any room. And when you're not using it you have an extra chair for entertaining.Placing your desk behind the sofa as if it is a sofa table is great addition to any room that can handle it. Most of the time that is wasted space so take advantage of it and create your dream office.Have fun with it and layer it against windows or other pieces of furniture for a unique look that takes advantage of useless areas.
As Jo says: don't just put furniture in a room for the heck of it, make every area of your room work for you! Using that extra space for a desk or creating a space for a desk allows you to enjoy your space that much more! And, who knows, you might get more work done if your desk is in the room of the house you love!

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  2. Home-based business is great – no commute, no corporate uniform, just all convenience. However, it doesn’t necessarily have to be like you’re unemployed. I mean, with your environment. Even though you operate your business at home, you can still work in a professional setting. Creating an office space at home is just the right solution. Besides setting your work atmosphere, you can also maximize unused spaces at home. Just always remember the term “functionality” whenever putting up a workstation.

    Blake Mitchell

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  4. Placing your desk near the window paves the way for a refreshing morning work at the office. Thanks for sharing this to the readers.


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