Tuesday, December 13, 2011

2012 Design Trends Forecast!

Check out Jo's 2o12 Design Trend Forecast on the Home Sav Blog;
" We all have to turn to someone for inspiration. The fashion industry turns to the cosmetic companies to forecast their trends, and the Design industry always turns to the fashion world to forecast the newest trends for the upcoming year. We’ve been watching the runways, and here’s what’s in store for 2012 décor.

Colour is back! We’re exiting an era where walls were neutral and we relied on our accessories to pull colour into a room. 2012 will bring walls with actual colours! 2011 brought us blues, purples and moody hues in accessories, and 2012 is bringing that colour scheme to our paint choices. It’s an updated throwback to 80s décor: over-accessorised, textile crazy and moody bold colours will slink into our rooms. (We all remember the deep wall colours, dramatic drapes, and multiple patterns from the 80s).
Of course, we’re not looking to repeat the trend exactly. Instead, we’re inspired by the 80s elements and can pair them with modern design aesthetics to achieve a truly unique look! For an example of beautiful 80s inspired décor, I have two words: Kelly Wearstler. Long considered ahead of her time, she’s now the icon for achieving this new look. Do I dare even mutter the words, wallpapered ceilings and coloured trim???Proud Patterns! Multiple patterns will be mixed and used to create humour within spaces that were once all one colour. Don’t be afraid to be quirky: pair traditional floral patterns with loose geometric patterns. Before, one bold pattern would set the tone for the entire room. Now it’s a competition of how many you can use! Tricia Guild anyone?"
To read the full article http://livsavvy.com/?p=3725

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  1. I love the bedroom in the above picture. That wall paper is amazing. I dont think that i would have the guts to try something like that though.

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