Monday, March 12, 2012

Damask& Dentelle Stops By To Talk Vintage Office Finds!

We have a special guest that will be stopping in once and while to share with us her thrifty finds and projects on the go. My vivacious Montreal friend Vanessa!
Hello hello,
My name is Vanessa and I am the creative mastermind behind the Québec décor directory Damask & Dentelle. Let’s just say that by starting D&D almost 3 years ago, I basically created my dream job! Everyday I get to meet shop owners and creators, designers & artisans, telling me about what they do and sharing with me their passion for design. How cool is that?

Through it all I basically completely forgot about my own digs. My office was a wreck!!! After almost a year of moving the Damask & Dentelle offices, I was still living in boxes and makeshift desks and storage units. Enough! January 1st I decided to attack the boxes and the lack of storage and …well 2 months later, it's done! Let me walk you through my Modern Vintage transformation.I am a firm believer in anything vintage… for 3 reasons: the craftsmanship was flawless, the design exquisite, and vintage furniture leaves no carbon footprint on our well worn Earth.

(Hayan Art Work)
So vintage it is for the office. First, I needed 2 sturdy work surfaces to be to together in a large L shape. I got 2 beautiful oak doors, one natural and one white. If the idea of doing the same pops into your head make sure you choose doors that are not warped and that have carved patterns that allow for your keyboard and screen to fit in. The natural door had just that, but the white door was too ornate, so I also bought a vintage tempered glass door panel, just the right size to fit on top of the door.

I then reused the red metal credenza that I had in my old office. It is non descript and brightly colored, so why get rid of it right? I styled it with bright pops of colour, a Jonathan Adler vase, a gorgeous butterfly lamp found at Buk & Nola in Montréal, and my faithful Charlie the cockatoo.

The mood board deserves no introduction. It is a collection of my inspirations of the moment, my friends & kids, my appointments and favorite business cards. It is not completely finished though. I have ordered some fabric remnants in bright colors and I will cover the cork surface of the board in the near future.

Storage was an issue in the office, so I went to the St-Michel Flea Market and on Etsy and found myself some of the most beautiful teacups I have ever seen. Now they house pushpins, paper clips, rubber bands and small knicks knacks. Plus they have something so feminine about them... I could not resist.

I rented a loft as an office because I love open floor plans. But open also means no hideouts. This was indeed a problem to make my ugly filing cabinet disappear. I always keep the wallpaper remnants from my different projects, the colourful rolls are attractive in themselves in a basket beside my desk, and they can come in handy from time to time.

Lastly I spoiled myself with great eye candy with a Leigh Viner fashion illustration as well as a Cozamia herringbone modern art print.

Thanks so much Vanessa, its great to see how vintage finds can become a new idea!
Can't wait until the next guest post! xo
Until next time,
w&c designer girl!


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  2. best design furniture for your home, office...good post thanks for sharing.

  3. Its really lovely information and pictures you have shared in this post. I really like very much your office interior.

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  4. Hi Vanessa,
    At first, I thank you for sharing your beautiful thoughts in fact you are so beautiful as like your words. I loved all above images. I was scrolling down and enjoying all your images. I can say this kind of imagination proves that "Old is Gold". Thanks again,

  5. Great researched articles and blog site, keep up the work!

  6. Your home office looks “gorgeously cluttered.” From a designer's standpoint, it has a lot of stuff going on, but they perfectly fit together. Love how everything is in place. Keep posting those blog-worthy ideas of yours.


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