Wednesday, March 7, 2012

My Favorite Sarah Richardson Bathroom Makeovers!

For some reason I have been doing so many bathroom consultation and makeovers these last months and I have been turning to one of my favorite designers for a bit of inspiration, my top picks of Sarah Richardson's bathroom makeovers!
Happy bathroom inspiration week everyone!!
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  1. one of the best post i saw here. Keep it going! Thank you.

  2. one of the best post i saw here. Keep it going! Thank you.

  3. What a nice bathroom! I love it. I want to decor my new home bathroom by this type of sweet interior.

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    1. The infinity bath bathtub also has the remote control making it easy for users to easily adjust the water temperature, feed rate, modes of hydro-massage jets, select their type of music, and more.
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  4. Hi, I really appreciate your blog. Great!!!!!!!!!!

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  5. Wow, just wow. The bathrooms in those pictures are more than just ordinary bathrooms. I simply love the glass doors and the bath tubs!

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