Friday, September 7, 2012

Black and White Designs!

Okay like many of you, I am sure your intentions are to jump on to pinterest just for a few minutes and then a hour goes by and you are still lost in all the images!!  Well I stumbled upon Valerie Anglade's boards, and wow they are nicely organized!! Well as most of you know I am in love with the colour white, needless to say I feel in love with Valerie' black and white decor board, take a peak at why . . . My First Little Place: 19.7 Randomsblack & straw

Hege in France: All black today..★
BRUN / APOLLO Architects & Associates//Elle Decoration UK is the best. #black #white #modern #decorBy Daniella Witte★ Miluccia ◆: Black HomeHege in France: Tuesday randoms.
beautiful tiles by the style files, via FlickrM. Hoogervorst / Anouk B
And endless more . . . .
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  1. These are some of the most beautifully designed places I have ever seen. I really appreciate how these spaces were photographed with such angles that accentuation the true brilliance of these pieces of furniture. I was strolling through pinterest and found an amazing bronze table with iron table legs. The combination of these two metals were absolutely breath taking. I am going to share this on my pinterest. Thanks for the motivation!

  2. Loved the above diagonal elevation shown. It is par excellence and its uniqueness is reflecting.

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  4. Well I stumbled upon Valerie Anglade's boards, and wow they are nicely organized!! I am in love with the colour white

  5. Black and white designs are just absolutely elegant and appealing. It has this character that makes it so prestigious. I'm totally a fan. Love these ideas, just so lovely!

  6. I am planning to have this color combination on my house, it looks elegant.

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  7. I saw similar images in a home magazine. The theme black and white is very masculine, fit for a man who lives in a place like that. But the furnishings represent a woman who beautifies the theme. When combined, they produce a beautiful home interior setting. Valerie Anglade is a talented interior designer.

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  8. still these designs are looking fantastic, peoples normally always like colorful furniture but this collection is very good


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