Friday, October 12, 2012

Watch BT this Tuesday to view the Showcase Home Project

Make sure to tune in bright and early 6:40am through to 9am and take a look at the Showcase Home Project with all the suppliers involved and Jennifer Valentine herself!!
Take a tour of this very unique and eclectic 4 million dollar home styled with brands that you usually wouldn't see mixed together. Learn how to mix high and low and come out with a stunning design without breaking the bank!! Also we will be sharing some trendy and helpful tips along the way!!

See you Tuesday morning on Breakfast Television!
Until then,
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  1. I missed the show unfortunately. Hope you can post some highlights of the show. I believe it was a blast.

  2. Hi where was that white and grey chair from?

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  4. If you missed it check it out online:

    White and grey chair is from Zsemba / Z.A.U


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  6. All image are really awesome image !Thank you so much for update these picture .

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