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Pure Victory and it is just the start . . .

Some of you may know I have a true passion for animals and helping to speak for those that can't speak for themselves. It is sad how much animal cruelty is still out there in today's societies and communities all across North American. It is a issue that many turn their nose or head too so that they can live in ignorance for they know, knowing will be painful to hear!! However that is no way of living or carrying on, when there are so many more options to help those who are need. I am very much involved with the Jack Russel Rescue of Ontario, after naturally adopting my baby girl Lucy four years ago. As the Volunteer Coordinator and a foster parent to these helpless animals looking for a home to show them what life as dog should really look like.  I am not writing to show you graphic images of what puppy mills look like and the abuse that these innocent dogs receive. I am not writing to lecture to stop buying puppies through pet stories that encourage puppy mill breading. I am simply in good news of one women's effort to expose puppy mill breeders and the effort and victory she has received all by standing up for something she believes in . . . .I am also writing writing in hope that it brings more awareness to what goes on behind closed doors, especially around the Christmas season when so many want a puppy on Christmas morning. . . .

Ontario Puppy Millers Charged
It's been a long exhausting road for Kimberly Thomas of Kismutt Rescue and as cliché as it may sound, when things were darkest, the light at the end of the tunnel appeared.

Just three months ago, Thomas seemed to be at the end of her rope in her fight against the puppy millers of Ontario located in the Wellesley township area after a local newspaper published Thomas' accusations against the millers and in retaliation, the millers stopped letting her pull their unwanted dogs. She knew what was going to happen to those unwanted dogs and it wasn't anything good and that weighed heavy on her.

She sounded frustrated, angry, distraught.

Perhaps as a last recourse, she called Toronto lawyer Clayton Ruby who has been an animal advocate extraordinaire all these years and, well, the article from yesterday's Ontario Farmer newspaper can explain the rest: . . .  . "

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Congratulations on taking a stand and seeing it through!  Congratulations on all those that got involved and made sure something was done! This is great encouragement to know that something can be done and that we can fight to help expose more. You all should be so proud of your efforts!!
 Almost every dog breed has a rescue and mostly ever community has a SPCA or some kind of animal shelter. You would be amazed at how many animals are in and out of these centers and how many people are dedicated to helping these animals. Which are either dropped off by owners, which is called a relinquish, for they either don't want the animal or can't take care of it anymore. Others are found at large and most are rescued from puppy mills and abusive situations all across North America. There are people that help transports, pick up animals, report abuse, adoption placements, relinquished cases, foster care, their is a volunteers for every capacity. This community of rescuing and helping innocent animals is huge, however it is a quite society for the majority of the population want to turn their heads and ignore us. They believe rescued animals will have issues, are un-trainable due to them being older, won't have a connection as if they would if they got them as a baby, or they want a pure breed, you hear it all. However some pet stores like to twist the truth on papers and some puppy mills like to call themselves breeders. Even when buying from these places it doesn't guarantee a perfect animal, it does guarantee perfect health, all it guarantees is a receipt of purchase. We have adopted many dogs and I will tell and so will others, they are the most thankful little creatures. They are eager to learn and to be loved!! However like any pet you must train them, teach them the ways and they will become the best animal for you. Please think adopt for your next best friend and help support your local shelters this Christmas and throughout the years! Also make sure you don't allow those to get a dog on Christmas morning for it not fair for the dog or humans involved in such an excitable and busy days. 

This post is in dedication to all those involved and all the hard work and time that is given to these animals!!  Thank You To All!!

And Merry Christmas from my rescue pups:

 Have a Safe and Happy Holiday Season!!
Until next time w&c designer girl!! xo

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