Thursday, February 14, 2013

A Little Red and White Love within your home!

In honour of Valentines Day, a little red and white love!! This intense colour always brings an attitude to any room it graces!!  xoxo
Ornament Chandelier-I could TOTALLY do this in our dining room! Hmmmm...just have to decide what color I want to do.Love the red!
White Kitchen with Red and Black Accents. Bold strokes of red add charisma to a white kitchen outlined in black. Red lacquered Italian armchairs, a red hanging "pineapple" lantern above the table, and a red "Gothic" lantern above the island contribute to the overall exuberance of the room.Dramatic red chandelier on white-neutral room
Bold Red with White, Via ML Interior Design  Brings out the Aries in me!red filing cabinet
Interior designer Tobi Farley dresses this room with loads of flare using bold red, black and white!Red White & Blue Interior
Luscious interiors | - Red and white bathroom.Bedroom - Red, White, and Blue. Alan Campbell Jaybee  Interior Design by Lindsey Coral Harper
Red in the officered and white bathroom

Happy Valentines Everyone!!
until next time,
w&c designer girl!


  1. I love this little red !! This intense colour always brings an attitude to any room it graces!!

  2. It’s a tiny room, so there was only so much I could do, but I love it. You can get a peek of it at a post I did last year about spring red:

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  5. Beautiful theme! It’s different. Furniture is also very gorgeous.


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