Thursday, September 12, 2013

Savvy Multifunctional Pieces for Small Spaces!

LIMITED SPACE...well Jo has some clever solutions for
your small space!
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Multifunctional pieces are a key component in small space design. Even though you don't feel you have the room for certain pieces, you would be amazed that you do once you see how compact furniture pieces can be! Just because you have a small space doesn't mean you won't be able to entertain anymore. Its all about pieces that can transform when needed.
Take a peek at these well planned/designed multifunctional pieces that can be introduced in many small spaces:
Would you ever think that this console table could turn into this?
Check out the video to see how easy how it transforms:

Seating for five anyone??
Check out the video to see how easy it transforms:

How many off you either don't have room for a dining table or just prefer to eat in front of the TV? Then you need this . . .

Offers more storage within a room plus table space just at the right height to enjoy your meal while relaxing on your sofa. Also great for the kids doing homework, or activities.
 When your not using it for the tabletop option it is a sleek and stylish coffee table!
 Comes is three the colours.

Stylish folding chairs is a great solution for those times of entertaining!

When it comes to small spaces who couldn't use more storage?!
Custom built in shelving is more affordable then you think and utilizes the wasted cupboard space that you are given. It can be made to fit in any existing cupboard, cabinet or closet. And it is Canadian Made!!
Roll Out PantrySliding Side DrawerHidden Corner sliding shelfSliding Shelf Under Cupboardunder sink risers

So don't get frustrated over your small space, you would be amazed on how many design options are available to make your size challenged rooms work for you!!

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w&c design girl!!

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