Monday, December 30, 2013

New Years Table Decor

This year, December came around the corner extremely fast and Christmas flew bye. The holiday season is all about spending time with friends and family, entertaining and enjoying great food and drinks. With that being said your calendar will begin filling up with numerous dinner parties, leaving you with less time to decorate your own dinner table. Here are some easy tricks and items found around the house that could help you out for your New Years parties!


Stack dishware and layer with a fancy napkin. Adding a simple Christmas ornament will add a touch of visual happiness and extra Christmas spirit to your table.

Extra wrapping paper left over from last year? Use a role as a table cloth. This will instantly add a playful holiday cheer to your table.

Adding different size candles will bring a twinkle to your décor.

Happy New Years Everyone!!
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  1. I love it!!!!! It's so cozy looking. And the color scheme is amazing! Thanks for this home furnishing ideas.


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