Tuesday, May 27, 2014

Stylish Patio Makeover on a Budget!

During the warm summer months, we tend to spend a lot more time outside, so it’s time to design or re-design your area to create a cosy ambiance that will encourage you to spend more time in the great outdoors. So for those of you who are seeking inspiration to spruce up your small patio or balcony space, I have some fabulous design tips to help you get started. 


First, how do you want to use your space, lounging with friends or dinner around a table with family? I opted for a living style hangout area, where I could sun on the sofa when time for relaxing was in need. Always keep in mind sizing, especially in a small space. I choose to go with small profile arms and lower backs so that I didn’t close in the space or make it seem cramped.

 When dealing with a balcony in the city, privacy is always an issue. I found this great white lattice at The Home Depot that I turned sideways and attached to the balcony railing and added greenery in front for an intimate and functional privacy screen.  The other thing I did was, add an umbrella, not to block the sun, but to block the view of the neighbours above me. Taking away that fish bowl feel and creating a relaxing room.

 Adding planters of different heights to any balcony helps to keep the space interesting and cozy, choose low maintenance plants so that you aren’t fussing with them all summer and the space always looks great.

 Bring the inside outside, by adding mirrors or decorative pieces, like The Home Depot’s outdoor shag rug, or their solar lanterns for ambiance at night. For that extra touch I added a fire ball for the coffee table, for a little bit of extra heat and mood lighting for night time entertaining. Plus it doesn’t take up much space and no need for firewood.  

In small spaces try to stay away from adding to many different colours with plants and décor, keep it simple so that it is easy on the eyes giving the illusion of a larger area.

For that extra touch, I added a water fountain to drown out the road traffic a bit and give the illusion of being near a lake, it is also a nice visual and conversational piece.  

I hope that these tips help to spark your creative juices. Remember your patio becomes an extension of your home make it flow from the inside out with a stylish design that everyone can enjoy! Happy Patio Season!
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