Thursday, December 11, 2014

Quick Paint Tips / Projects

With the holidays just around the corner, so grows the list of to dos within the home. Spending too much time inside makes you realize how many little projects you need to get done or want to do to jazz up your space.  Not every project has to be a big one: you can make just as much of an impact in a space with little effort. These projects can change your space completely with just a little elbow grease and paint! Need extra encouragement to take on a quick & easy DIY project? CIL Paint Testers are on sale at Home Depot for only $3.97 until December 20th!

Here are few small painting projects that make a big impact:

Accent Walls can play a huge role in any space! Only have a short amount of time? Try just a few stripes on a smaller wall

{ images: joalcorn}

Paint a Window or an Interior Door in a striking colour for a major change within any space with minimal effort.

Change picture frame colours for a whole new look.

Add some colour to your kitchen accessories and be the envy of the town and your holiday guests.
Whatever project you tackle this holiday season, have fun with it. Paint goes along way on a budget and if you dont like it down the road paint over it!  It is a great solution to keeping your items around forever and giving it a whole new look with a little facelift over the years. Dont feel like you need to buy new stuff all the time - just add a DIY paint project to your to do list. Your wallet will love you and your home will look spectacular!

Until next time,
Jo Alcorn


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