Monday, July 13, 2015

Every Girl’s Dream Closet

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We all dream of creating our dream closet, but it can be difficult to choose the products to do it.
Designer, Jo Alcorn, shares some of the items that can transform a dull space into a Hollywood star-worthy closet.
If you can spare the space why not transform an unused room into a spacious closet!
Every space needs a wow factor whether its statement pieces, colour, accents 
  • Use inspirational piece like flashy, bright wallpaper
  • Opt for functional yet practical and stylish pieces
  • A custom built-in closet system can work wonders for maximizing your space
  • Identify different hanging areas for specific areas and organize each one
  • Black felted hangers prevent clothing from falling off so that everything looks pristine
  • Colour blocking your closet acts as its own decoration
  • Install a full length mirror so you can see your outfit from head to toe
  • A nice chair makes trying on shoes easy
Think outside of the box for clever ways to store items
  • Umbrella can hold yoga mats, shoe horns, etc…

  • Vintage suitcases look stunning stacked together and create extra storage 


  • Screw the bottom of a paint can on the wall and put your shoes in them plus it turns your wall into an art piece
  • A kitchen rod can serve as a necklace stand

  • Use a towel rack for shoe storage to showcase them beautifully or as an accessory hanger

Paint Provided By:
Azalea Pink
43RR 19/444

Resource Guide:
  • Folding chair
  • Towel holder
  • Rod 
  • Hook pack 
  • Umbrella Stand
  • Leaning ladder
Decorator’s Own:
  • Vintage suitcases
  • Empty paint cans
Jo Alcorn

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