Thursday, September 24, 2015

Kids and pets need not mess up your decor!

A constant question I get asked is “what products are best with kids or pets?”.  Most people believe that you have to give up fashion for function; well I am here to tell you that you don’t have to give up anything; you can definitely have fashion and function in your household with these helpful tips!

With kids and pets the main thing to think about is if the product is washable and durable.  When buying a sofa think about it like you do with sheets and thread count.  For fabrics it’s called a rub count – the wear and tear that comes from someone sitting down or getting up from an upholstered seat.

If you are looking for a sofa with fabric make sure you use a fabric with a high rub count. I recommend 50,000 or higher for active households with kids and pets. 3,000 double rubs equals one year's worth of use.

With the colour of your fabric try and find one that has a bit of a texture. This will help hide wear and tear over the years as well.

A helpful tip for pet owners is to choose furniture pieces that are the same as your animal’s colouring. This helps your space seem cleaner with less pet hair showing. I have white Jack Russell’s so my entire house is white!  I look like an amazing housekeeper because their dog hair is hidden, so white fabrics are a lifesaver for me! 

When it comes to dressing up your furniture use fun accent pillows. Think you can’t use designer pillows with kids and pets around? Think again – my new line is fully washable, hypoallergenic, cruelty free, reversible, recyclable and Canadian made – both accent pillows and dog beds to match! So no need to worry about messy hands or dirty paws, you can now throw the entire pillow in the wash and it comes out looking better than new every time.


For dining room tables I suggest going with something that looks better with age and a little wear and tear. Artemano has some amazing live edge tables that will stand the test of the time and add life to your space at the same time. Also look at adding a salvage wood coffee table, the worn out wood is perfect for busy households that like to eat or do homework in the family room. The table adds fashion and function to any space and adds a little stress free living for you at the same time! 

When looking at flooring, make sure you choose a tile, hardwood or laminate with a bit of a flex or multiple hues in it as it will help hide the dirt and dust. A solid dark colour will be your enemy so steer clear!  Go with middle grade colours and hues. Laminate hardwood flooring has come a long way, they are durable, stylish, and great for dog nails, kid’s toys, and they also don’t show traffic marks or sun damage, plus easy to keep clean!   If you want to take it one step further with an even more durable floor check out Creekside Tile’s porcelain wood flooring, it looks just like wood planks.  Comes in multiple colours and you can have radiant flooring underneath it. Plus your kids or pets will have a hard time destroying it, I don’t care how big or strong they are!

Now when it comes to your walls, a good giveaway if a house has kids or pets - you’ll see nicks and marks everywhere. Para Paint Elite Paint and Primer all in one is a 100% acrylic latex formula, ceramic micro-sphere technology for a strong finish, durable, high hiding, scrub-able, stain resistant, ideal for walls in high traffic areas, doors and trim.  So again don’t worry about the colour, think about the materials within the products.        

So just because you have kids or pets doesn’t mean you have to give up the love of light colours or a neutral colour scheme or nice decor. You can have it all if you make sure you have the right materials that are washable and durable.  The moral of the story is you can have a stylish house that is functional all the time; fashion and function can live under one roof!

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w&c design girl!

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