Tuesday, October 27, 2015

Creating a sleep retreat

With colder months upon us, the time change, and days getting shorter and shorter, it’s imperative to get the sleep your body (and mind) needs. We sleep a third of our days away (or we should!) so your bedroom ought to be a sanctuary that induces sleep the moment you step into it.

Here are my top five tips on creating a sleep retreat and routine that really works for me.

Backbone of Your BedroomThe bed is the masterpiece of the room. So not only should it look great, it should also be beyond comfortable. When choosing a bed, personal preference is key. Do you want it firm, soft, what size fits the room and so on. I tend to go to a store that specializes in just beds when making this large purchase. Sleep Country was amazing at taking me through exactly what I needed and helping me choose just the right bed. I also find a headboard is such a great addition to any room. It can act as a décor piece as well – this is one I recently launched in my Jo Alcorn Furniture collection available at shop.ca


Pillow TalkIf your physical space is uncomfortable then it’s going to be even harder to hit the hay. Invest in a good quality pillow to rest your precious head down on at night. I recently launched my own pillow line that is lush, 100% cruelty free, clean of chemicals and fully washable plus Canadian made (also available at shop.ca)

Flower Power – There is nothing like fresh flowers in your bedroom to help set the mood. When I found out there was a flower out there that could actually help me sleep all I could think was ‘double duty!’ … but this kind of flower is not something you display. It’s a natural supplement I heard of years ago that helps to calm my running brain at night; I literally used to hit the hay and start designing rooms in my sleep. Passionflower is a natural supplement that helps calm my busy brain so I can get a good night’s sleep and be rested and alert for my clients in the morning. (Pascoflair has truly been my nighttime life saver http://pascoflair.ca) 

Curtain Conundrum – I love light in my bedroom! I like waking up to the sun streaming into my bedroom but after recently speaking with Holistic Nutritionist Jenn Pike (www.jennpike.com) who gave me some tips on sleep, I am re-thinking the light situation in my bedroom. One of the most important things she told me was that any amount of light that comes into my bedroom will impede my sleep routine. She said if you were to invest in one thing for your bedroom, it should be black-out blinds or an eye mask. You can pick up black-out blinds or curtains relatively inexpensively from Bouclair Home. If you are on a tighter budget, you can use an eye mask – my new personal favourite is a Blinks Ultralight Sleep Mask that I picked up from Bed Bath and Beyond.

Temperature Tantrum – Your bedroom should be the ideal temperature for you to sleep soundly; not too hot and not too cold. I love the feel of a rug on the floor when I hop out of bed, instead of my feet hitting a cool floor. For my space I chose a gorgeous rug from mirens.com.  I also like tend to cuddle up and read in bed to wind down and hate getting into a freezing cold space. I have a great Sunbeam heated blanket that I turn on while I get ready for bed that heats up my bedding to the perfect temperature. Available at a number of retailers including Home Outfitters.

Bedroom “pet” peeve – At a recent sleep event I also learned that the number one thing that keeps you up at night is…your pet! I love my fur-babies but now know if I am truly going to get the sleep I need they are going to have to get the boot from the bedroom. Creating their own sleep retreat in a safe and cozy area, with a great bed will ensure you (and they) get their zzz’s.

Follow these simple steps and tips to enjoy the best sleep of your life. After all, not only do you need sleep, you deserve a peaceful night’s rest. I wish you all sweet dreams, in a great bedroom. Goodnight!


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