Monday, February 1, 2016

The Trends of 2016

– and How to Bring Them Home:

With the ringing in of a New Year I always find it a great time to update your décor and add in some new trends, colours, textures and accessories to update your look for the coming year. Here are my top six trends for 2016.


Mixed Metals
Platinum, gold, copper, steel…as long as they've got a metallic sheen, they go together. It's bling like you've never seen before in 2016. One simple and stand out way to make a statement in your kitchen or bathroom is by changing your faucet. I love the diversity that Delta  provides; their Vero Collection will make a huge impact in your décor this year.  Artemano also has great choices when it comes to mixed metals that will truly make a statement in your home; add some of their one-of-a-kind pieces to really make an impact.

 Pastel Colours – 
Adding hints of pastel will infuse a room with energy! Whether it’s from your accessories or the walls themselves, there are so many ways to bring a new colour into your home. If you are nervous about pastels, incorporate the trend methodically with some accent pieces to get you started. Decorium has some great pastels in their line up – try an area rug or pillow to see if you like the colour and you can add more as you desire. I also love trying out a new colour in my artwork. I love using Poster Jack which is an online service where you pick the art you want to use (or you can use your own photos or choose from their photography), pick the frames, colour and they ship it all to your door. Changing your art to match the trends can be a very cost effective approach, while changing up your look completely.


White Delight – Clean, crisp, fresh white walls, white accessories, white furniture, you name it! White is going to make a name for itself this year!  You can’t go wrong with Benjamin Moore’s Simply White to freshen up your space or dated pieces of furniture. Another great way to add white to your home is to use a white bathroom vanity. Cutler Kitchen and Bath  (a great Canadian company) is introducing a high gloss white floating vanity in 2016 available through big box stores as part of their boutique collection.  Gloss white is easy to keep clean too!

Shop locally - Local and Canadian made products will be buzz words for 2016 and shoppers will love to brag about supporting the trend too. My Jo Alcorn Collection of pillows and sofas are all designed and made in Canada and . Low carbon footprint is an important trend to support.  


Greens – They’re not just found in the kitchen this year! In 2016, greens will be scattered throughout the house; available in large, medium and small options, you can choose whatever fits your home decor! If you are like me and can’t keep a plant alive to save your life, try some faux options; Bouclair has so many to choose from, and they add a nice hint of green to your décor.


Go Vertical – A great way to make a statement with your walls in 2016 is with wall decals. They are easy to install and make a huge impact. A great online resource for ideas and they have patterns to suit all styles and are super easy to install.


Wishing everyone a stylish and prosperous 2016!


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