Friday, June 3, 2016

Creating that Cottage Feel

Looking for ways to create a warm and inviting inside space that is inspired by the outside? Look no further! Jo shares her top tips on how to create a great indoor retreat for rainy spring days so you can still enjoy that outdoor feel.

 There is nothing like adding a raw edge piece to a space to make it feel like you’ve brought a touch of nature inside. They are an investment worth the price tag.

 It’s utterly easy to switch out your art to really update your space. If you are looking to add a little outdoor feel to your space, think about changing your artwork to something nature inspired.

 On a dreary, rainy, spring day it is imperative you have a cozy comfortable spot to curl up on. I love the look a sectional gives a room.

 When choosing lighting, there are so many wood inspired options. If you want to infuse wood into your décor, it’s an easy way to test out the trend. You can also consider a cool sofa table like this one made of drift wood from - everything they have is truly original and nature inspired.

 The easiest way to update your décor may just be with accessories. Add some wood pieces or décor accents. Accessories are where you can really have fun when trying out a new motif.

 If you truly want to make a statement in your space and want to create a feature wall, I’d suggest starting with a single wall and trying a stone veneer. It’s easy to install and makes a huge impact in a small space.

I also love using throw cushions with animal prints on them to bring a light and airy feel to any space.

I love to add rugs to really tie a room together. Carpet tiles allow you to mix and match a pattern and shape to make your space comfy and cozy.

There is nothing like a cozy little nook on a rainy day to cuddle up in. Find a big comfy chair and some toss cushions and you are all set. These pillows are from my collection and can be found on Etsy now.

Let’s also not forget about our furry friends! They too need a great place to snuggle up on drizzly days!  On

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