Friday, February 6, 2009

Heres my 2cents on the 2009 Interior Design Show!

Just got back from this years Interior Design Show - overall okay! The badges I thought was quite creative and fun, plus they were eco-friendly! The booth that stood out the most once again, I am sad to say, was Ikea! I find their booth exciting, clean, easy to understand and inspiring, even if you don't want to use Ikea products they give you some really good ideas for an inexpensive design approach. For some reason I find their booth always to be the most memorable, I don't know if it is because I am shocked on how stunning some of their pieces can look or that when put together right it doesn't look cheap or easily breakable! However the Grand Marnier lounge was very cool!! and the food and drinks were great. I loved that they used different designers to create a different look for each sitting room, they did a great job and all the best to who ever wins the best designed space! There was some neat new innovations and takes on creating furniture out of eco-friendly material and the colour Black and Purple definitely was the colour of the day!
Companies/Products that stood out:
Fleurco - The shower door company -
Jelinek Cork Group - comfort finish cork flooring tailored to fit your style. -
Tropic North - waterfalls and interiorscapes -
ALX- Division of space -
and Loewen - Discover the world's most inspiring windows and doors -

Until next time,
w&c designer girl!

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