Wednesday, February 11, 2009

A Shade of Green from the Government!

The Canadian Government is increasing Canadian economy by adding a number of programmes and incentives "to promote "green" projects and the development of clean technologies and renewable energy." The only thing is, HOW MUCH PAPER DO WE NEED TO DO TO GET THEM???? Apparently "on an individual level, the budget contains measures designed to promote energy efficiency and conservation through a retrofit program intended to provide home and property owners with grants of up to $5,000 to offset the costs of making energy-efficiency improvements. The budget states that grants will apply to a variety of measures that reduce energy consumption, from increasing insulation to upgrading a furnace. The budget pledges $300 million over two years to this program to support an estimated 200,000 home retrofits." Lets make sure we take full advantage of this, this could really be a great start to an eco-friendly home, and what a better way to start a movement then within your own home!! For more information check out:
If anyone has more information regarding this program, I am all ears!

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