Tuesday, April 28, 2009

Green is the new Black!

If you haven't heard Green is the new black! From your clothes to your home decor you just can't go wrong with the colour Green. Yes, this is a 2009 trend colour but a colour that you want to show off. With the Green movement becoming popular then ever, people are showing off how Green they are, plastering hybrid on their cars, showing off their Green appliances, drinking out of steel or hard plastic water bottles, and now even eating Green. I love that people are becoming passionate about this movement and trend, but as we all know trends fade. Is being Green a trend that will go out of style?
This Green movement has cost millions, with companies changing how their clothes are made, changing the materials that are used in furniture and even the packaging on products has been reevaluated. Now you are thinking oh big deal companies changed some of their ingredients which goes into their products, but what you don't understand is the time and energy spent on testing these products to prove that they are Green or more eco-friendly. The man power and studies it took to be able to label a product or process as Green certified, is over whelming to me. Discovering that wood manufactures have to store FSC approved woods (an eco-friendly process) in a different location then the rest of the woods due to off-gassing lurking in the air and contaminating the FSC approved woods. This is just one example on how companies have had to adjust and accommodate this so called trend, however to the companies that have spent money on this would not call it a 2009 trend but believe that this is the way of the world now. Which I am very happy to hear. This is one trend that we don't want to go out of style. As the days go by I find there is even more Green products arriving and with that said I think we are going to have this Green trend around for a while! Maybe Kermit the Frog isn't the only one that can say it isn't easy being green!

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