Tuesday, May 5, 2009

Go ECO-CHIC with your Summer Garden Parties!

For those who love the convenience of paper plates but not the waste, there's an environmentally friendly alternative that's better looking to boot. New York-based Bambu's disposable Veneerware plates and cutlery don't use bleaches or dyes and are made from organic bamboo, a fast growing renewable resource. Intended for single use, each piece is lightweight yet durable an enough to handle messy BBQ dinners. Best of all, they biodegrade within six months if tossed into a compost pile or bin. An added bonus; the eco-minded company donates a percentage of sales to environmentally causes. Guilt-Free Dining! http://www.bambuhome.com/

For those Garden lovers - Nature Mix, 100% chemical-free and rich in organic material like peat Mose, humus, perlite and compost. Premium Nature Mix soil makes any garden bloom and NATURALLY beautiful!

Recycled Patio Furniture. These quality pieces of handcrafted furniture are made of polyethylene. The high density polyethylene raw material utilized in poly lumber is derived from post-consumer plastic bottle waste such as milk containers. This material is cleaned in a decontamination's process to a purity level of over 99% HDPE. It is then compounded into rigid board stock material; the resulting finished product containing over 90% recycled post consumer waste by weight. Any shavings and/or cut offs created during the making of a piece of furniture, are sent back to the factory to be re-used, so nothing is wasted. Poly furniture is a maintenance free furniture that can be left outside all year round.

Beautiful jute runners/carpets for that indoor outdoor feel. All natural and easy to clean you can't go wrong with any colour choice that is offered. You can find the product in store across Canada and the US. Make sure you buy a colour you like because this hardy product will endure the rigours of a cottage life and will hold up over time.

Happy summer garden parting to all, who said you can't be GREEN even outdoors!

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  1. It's nice there is alternatives out there - thanks for the eco info


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