Tuesday, February 16, 2010

Vancouver 2010 Opening Ceremony “To Inspire the World” ????

I'm starting a discussion - What did you think about the Vancouver 2010 Opening Ceremony “To Inspire the World” ???? Do you think it was good or some what disappointing? There is mixed emotions about the Ceremonies that is for sure and I am sorry to say that I am on the side of the disappointed. We have so much to offer and so much to showcase and none of that was done. It was slow, small scaled and so not exciting. No where in comparison to the last winter games in Beijing, which should have been what we were trying to out due. Why didn't they call in James Cameron, a beloved Canadian super star, to produce the show! Where was Celine Dione, Michael Buble, Shania Twain and more of our recognized artists? Instead we turn to Katy D. Lang to showcase our country. Yes given the song was good, but we have so many better Canadians to showcase! I am a proud Canadian and I think that is what is bugging me the most, we have so much talent, sports history and creative artists that come from this land and we didn't show the world any of that. Don't get me started on Governor Arnold being able to run with our torch to bout! We lost our chance to truly represent who and what Canada is all about and we blew the most important showcase EVER!! But hey that is my two cents, WHAT IS YOURS???
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  1. Our culture got lost in translation due to it being produced by an Australian starting with the botched anthem...sad really.

  2. I was just so proud and loved the whole entertainment factor - maybe because I wasn't born here :-)


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