Saturday, February 12, 2011

Margot Austin - Straight Shooter!

I had the pleasure of hosting Style at Home Senior Editor, Margot Austin in my class at Humber College North last week. I was so excited to listen to her talk about getting your work published, but, I wasn't expecting this little bitty thing to be such a straight shooter, no sugar coating anything kind of gal! I tell you it was truly refreshing and funny to hear this industry icon speak her mind and to be such a down to earth lady. Right down to using the quote "where the f*#@ is the magic!" Speaking about designs that are lacking that wow factor. It was very interesting to hear what they look for and what they do to the rooms/spaces that are published within the magazine. Let alone here what Margot had to say. I know the students enjoy it as much as I did, it truly was an interesting topic! Thank you so much for your time Margot and we do hope you are able to come back in the future!
Look Staci Edwards even stopped by to listen to Margot!
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