Tuesday, February 8, 2011

Windowless Den Makeover!

Now a day's with the layout of condos we are stuck with a boring windowless room with no creative features. WELL take a look at what I did when I was presented with the challenge! Turn a small box sized room into a stunning and fun guest room, plus extra storage and reading/office space and I did it all for under $1300!!

Pillows, throw, rug, floor lamps are from Bou Clair. Shelves from Ikea. Sofa found on Kijiji.

Wall Tats from Bou Clair and Decorative sticky mirrors from Winners.
Ikea frames, with greeting cards the client collected.
Augh the before.

And the After! Until next time,
w&c designer girl!


  1. That is looking very good.Every pic is very nice.It is showing your dedication to your work.You really good job here.

  2. Your work reflects how good you are in your craft. More power to you! I admire people who has the same sentiments as yours.

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