Friday, March 11, 2011

Bedside tables!

Watch this episode online now As Seen on Steven and Chris!
Jo Alcorn shows us that changing the look of your bedroom can be as simple as changing your bedside tables!
We just love to see a gorgeous headboard and luxurious bedding! The neutral colour and classic feel of this set up suits so many different styles. For instance, if your taste is TRADITIONAL...These white side tables are ideal. They have tons of storage and the pull out shelf for extra counter space always comes in handy!There are few things more luxurious than being served breakfast in bed! A side table with a removable tray is the ultimate in double-duty furnishing. A steel and glass table such as this one is perfect for a modern space. Adjust the height and you can swing it over to use as a tray in bed!
Where To Get It
Field piece shot on location at The Gladstone Hotel in Toronto,
Canada Headboard, all bedding: West Elm
White bedside tables: Pier One
Adjustable tables: Casa Life
Tray tables: Structube
Table lamps: all HomeSense
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