Friday, March 4, 2011

Living Room Secret Storage

As seen Steven and Chris!

Regardless of the size of your home, many of us find storage to be an issue. Designer Jo Alcorn showed us some amazing "secret" storage pieces that would look great in any home!This bright, stylish living room not only looks great, it's got a wonderful little secret...heaps and heaps of storage! Our entire team fell in love with this sofa from Ikea. It's a pull-out bed and contains a TON of storage.These adorable pillows contain cozy little blankets. Perfect for cuddling up on the sofa.We love this coffee table from Structube... hidden media storage at your fingertips!This brilliant little side table can house anything, from brightly coloured blocks for kids to TV remotes - fill it up with ice for a party and use the top as a nifty little tray!These adorable Candy Pouffs from Calligaris are both stylish and functional and come in a variety of fun colour combinations!We just LOVE these Transit Mailboxes by designer Steven Hugo-Seinader for Centrifuge! In a grouping of three they provide both artistic appeal and 'hidden' storage in any stylish space.A sofa table or desk console is ideal such as this one provides drawer storage and room for baskets and boxes underneath.

Where To Get It
Sectional - Manstad, IKEA
Coffee Table - Modus, Structube
Side Table - Hatten, IKEA
Stools - Candy Storage Pouff, Calligaris
Table Lamp - Tube Top Table Lamp, Design Within Reach
Mailboxes - Transit Mailboxes, Centrifuge Design, Stephen Hugo Seinader
Pillows - Undercover Bear, Agent Oscar, NapSac Travel Blanket+Pillow Set, Lug
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