Wednesday, February 15, 2012

Jo on BT "Savvy Spending Decorating Tips"

If you missed Jo on Breakfast Television this morning, don't worry you can catch her
Splurge products from:
Chair - BoConcept
Coat Rack - BoConcept
Art Piece - BoConcept
Table - Bombay
Pillow and Throw - Bombay
Lamp - Home Sense
Crystal bowl - Home Sense

Smart spending products from:
Chair - IKEA
Coat Rack - IKEA
Frame - IKEA
Table - Home Sense
Pillow and Throw - Bouclair
Lamp - Bouclair
Bowl - Bouclair

"If you have a champagne taste but a beer budget, check out the high end stores as research and see what colours they are using, how they are styling their pieces, what furniture pieces they have and then find similar pieces with a lower price tag. However don't feel that you have to have everything high or everything low, mix some splurges with smart spending pieces to get a Savvy spending appeal! Choose your larger, high traffic pieces to be your splurges and have fun with accessories on a budget! Have fun shopping!!"

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