Monday, February 13, 2012

Penthouse Showcase Media Event

Saturday I held a Pop Up Private Media Open House at my Penthouse Showcase Project. To enjoy some wine and cheese with industry friends and to showcase how you can furnish an entire space with only shopping at two stores on budget with only a week turn around time. Thank you BoConcept and IKEA! (with a few w&c pieces mixed in)
Opening the party with TV personality Nicholas Rosaci, Blog extraordinaire Vitania M Liscio, Eventful PR Sharyn Smith and Moi.
PR rep Sharyn Smith and Yummy Mummy writer and City Line personality Sarah Gunn.

The stunning interior designer Jennifer Brouwer posing with City Line and Dabble DIY Nicolas and PR rep Sharyn.
City Line colour expert Leigh-Ann Allaire Perrault enjoying the cheese platter.
My design assistant Chanele Cote enjoying the party after long hours spent at the Penthouse putting everything together with me and Maeve.
Dabble editor Victoria and Dabble DIY'er Nicolas ending the night for us at the event and posing with BoConcept's catalog.
Real Estate listing and details of the Penthouse.

Thank you everyone for taking a peak at the space and I want to say a special thank you to BoConcept and IKEA for the awesome furniture pieces and time spent with me on the this Project. I know it was a very tight time frame, you guys were awesome!
Make sure to watch out for the entire project showcased on City Line in the next couple of weeks!
Until the next Pop Up Media Event,
Jo Alcorn
w&c designer girl! xo


  1. The Space was fun and fabulous -just like a little blonde I know :)
    Thanks for the invite Sista, always a pleasure :)

  2. Looks like the event was a success!! Hope to make the next one!!! All the best Jo!! Happy <3 Day!! xo

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  4. one of the best post i saw here. Keep it going! Thank you.

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  6. Such a great space Congrats Jo! Thanks for all the support with BoConcept furniture.

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