Thursday, May 31, 2012

Christine Lane Interiors -

I came across interior designer Christine Lane, when I was searching the web for some inspirational images and just fell in love with her portfolio!!

Thanks for the inspiration!

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  1. Hi
    Christine Lane Interiors -
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  2. Love her work on this set of designs. I'm in love with that countertop and kitchen on the 3rd photo.
    Christine Lane, girl you got the skills!

  3. hi,
    christine you have good talent for home interior concept. very beautiful and nice, saw your concept for home interior like in paradise.

  4. Your blog is so useful, I can tell you have put in a lot of work on it.

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  6. Christine Lane Interiors is an interior design company run by Christine Lane, a graduate of both the Boston Architectural Center with a degree in interior design .

    Modern Furniture

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