Tuesday, August 7, 2012

Oh LaLa Alimento Fine Food Market in Toronto!

Last week I had the pleasure of attending one of Alimento Fine Food tastings at the new location on King Street, what can I say OMG the food is amazing, the atmosphere is too cool, the food market selection is huge, and the customer service is awesome!! Torontonians can experience an Italian restaurant/food mart with a unique spot to sit and eat/taste all the foods in the market within a chefs recipe in the Bar Mozza. They have over a 140 different Italian cheeses, tons of meats, pastas, desserts, olive oils even and more in a urban market setting! Make sure to stop in and take a peak/taste for yourself, I tell you though it is a must to have a glass of wine and devourer a cheese platter! www.alimento.ca

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  2. Gotta love this post. Lots of good food. Thank you for sharing it with us. I appreciate the cool information.

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