Monday, January 14, 2013

Storage Yes Please . . .

We are always in need of more storage and it always seems like we can never find enough efficient storage no matter what size of home we have.  We spend more time running around the house finding corners to hide our junk then actually having an organized system that works with our family’s lifestyle.  Most of us are unable to live in that minimal no clutter house, so we need solutions to keep us organized and stress free.

If you missed Jo's BT segment last week she introduced the Canadian Company Gliding Shelf Solutions, the best solution for storage in any home

Let 2013 be your storage organized year!

 Benefits to this product:
  • Rolling shelves organize, de-clutter and help to effortlessly use every inch of your cabinet space.
  • Convert your existing cabinets with pull-out drawers at an affordable cost - no need for expensive renovation.
  • Custom made to create organized, efficient spaces of your current cabinetry.
  • Easily Access 100% of your cabinets - no more kneeling or stooping.
  • Use your existing cabinets to their fullest potential - and double your cabinet space.
 and more . . . .

The other beautiful storage piece I showed was this stunning bar from Dorya Great storage and an art piece at the same time.

(Comes in a multiple of fun and elegant colours. Was shown in a dark blue on BT. )

Watch the full segment online @

Have fun being organized this year!

Until next time,
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  2. I couldn't agree more, there really is never enough storage in the home, especially when kids are around! I definitely think something like the glider could benefit many homes!

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