Thursday, January 31, 2013

This years IDS Show and the Trends that are coming . . .

This years IDS was full of fun everywhere direction you turned. I had the pleasure of presenting on the Para Paint sponsored stage about this years trends, which I truly enjoyed researching and preparing for. I might have talked a little bit longer then I was suppose too, but there was just sooooo much to cover!!
This year the unavailing of my new paint colour with Para Paint was on display, JoJo Whitewash 17.
We designed a fun and clever art installation, Paint Crimes. Using a classic and traditional chair coated in the JoJo white and shot them with a few of the trends colours. The story behind the Paint Crime chairs is, when helping to choose the 2013 trend colours with the Para Paint team I mentioned that there was no true white to compare the colours with, without a true white you can not see a colours true form. Which is turn is the crime, because without a white to compare the colour too you cannot truly enjoy the beauty of the pigments within each colour.
Thank you Chair Source for the chairs!
As for my Presentation here are a few slides out of 130 slides, a peak into the :

Happy 2013 Design Trending!!
Until next time,
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