Monday, April 15, 2013

IKEA answers your Kitchen questions?!

To celebrate IKEA's recent Kitchen Event they asked Facebook fans to tell them their number one kitchen design questions. They received a lot of great questions and chose the top ten to be answered by their very own IKEA kitchen designer and stylist - Janine Love . . . here are just a few of the answers . . .

Where to start?
Cabinet style?
Working with a budget?
Creating a breakfast nook and more . . . check out the full story at Click on the image for the story.
How to maximize your counter and prevent clutter:
My number 1 mantra for preventing counter clutter is “A place for everything and
everything in its place!” I know this is easier to say than to do, but if everything has
a designated home, then it is more likely to be put away. Here are a few examples to
help with clutter management:
1. Take advantage of ceiling heights and utilize upper cabinets that meet the ceiling. Store seldom used items on top shelves.
2. Store all cooking utensils in a jar/vessel on the counter. The jar will contain frequently used items, and doesn’t take up much counter space. A well selected vessel will also add a little personality to your kitchen.
3. Create a “garage” to corral all small appliances, utilizing IKEA’s roll front cabinets.
4. Edit and clean out your drawers at least a couple of times a year. Do you really need 4 ladles and 78 mugs?
5. Designate 1 miscellaneous drawer for papers, supplies, erasers etc.Everybody deserves to have a “messy drawer” where one cannot be judged.Make sure drawer organizers are utilized to keep even messy items in place.
6. Install under counter rail system to save space, hang up items within easy reach and get things up off of the counter.
7. Allow a catch all tray or basket on the counter, and be committed to sorting the items and putting things back into their designated home.
8. Look for opportunities to mount open shelving or hooks.
9. Mount a large cork or magnetic board (preferably behind a door) to house all notices important papers, photographs, and children’s artwork.
10. Keep small appliances off the counter and arrange in a Lazy Susan lower cabinet solution.
11. Utilize wire pullout baskets for deep cabinets, making stored items more accessible.

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  3. Really very very nice kitchen. Awesome...........:)



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