Friday, April 26, 2013

Watch BT Monday!

New and Now! Jo will be talking about; what’s hot in décor fashion and getting you ready for the spring and summer trends of the season.

  • The colour of the year is blues and greens but for the spring we are adding yellow to the mix and a touch a of pink!
  • Patterns patterns and more patterns.
  • Statement lighting
  • Dramatic floors
  • Animal craze
  • And Brass is back!!
Thank You:
For the fabulous products!!
Stay tune for Jo's next appearance on May 23rd, Getting ready for the patio season, lets jazz up your outdoor living space!!
Until next time,
w&c design girl!


  1. Hey People,
    Watch BT Monday!
    It is pretty ideal for everyone! Your site is a pretty used by me personally. I’m looking forward for more of your brilliance.

  2. Your blog so useful and informative for me.You have really good collection of décor fashion.


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