Monday, March 9, 2009

Do you know how many GREEN Celebrities there are??

WOW! I am blown away on the number of celebrities that support the GREEN or alternative energy movement! Usually domestic environmental issues are always getting attention, many environmentalists are focusing on international issues as their main priority now, such as "global warming, populations growth, deforestation, and the continued loss of many species of plants and animals have reached increasing prominence on the environmental agenda." As mentioned in a previous BLOG when a celebrity jumps on the bang wagon so does everyone else, and this theory has been proven with an endless list of celebrities and the movement they are promoting on this site I found.
Top 5 on their "Leading Green Celebrity Players" are Dave Matthews Band, Cate Blanchett, Richard Branson, Pierce Brosnan and Warn Burton, plus many many more. It even lists the celebrities with electric or hybrid cars, Solar Neighbours Program and many more categories. I am just so impressed on how many celebrities are making our environment that much better! And we know it will only takes time before everyone else is on the same playing field. So keep up the good GREEN work and remember it is only Kermit the frog that is aloud to use the line "it isn't easy being green" NO one else has an excuse!

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  1. love the Kermit remark and yes it is not easy to be green - the easy way out or should I say the lazy way out is to lay back and not make any changes. But everyone needs to change, their way of thinking and the way they perform their every day duties - ie garbage, electrical use etc. Re-education is of the outmost!


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