Wednesday, March 4, 2009

Why is it that we need a celebrity to make a movement real?

Celebrities are jumping on the band wagon when it comes to protecting our environment. From Leonardo DiCaprio, George Clooney, Ed Norton, Robert Redford, Pearl Jam and more!! Why is it that we need celebrities to make a movement real? Brad Pitt's Green Rebuild in New Orlean's is more then a powerful message, the participation from multiple levels of companies and donations are just the start but when Brad Pitt is there in the trenches of these new homes, people pay attention and get involved. So why is it that we need celebrities to make a movement real? The 11th hour, which is narrated by Leonardo DiCaprio, "this captivating documentary explores the perilous state of our planet, and the means by which we can change our course." This DVD is popular not just because of the message but because of the name that is standing behind it and delivering the message. For some reason adding a celebrity to a movement makes us feel like we are connected some how. Because our favorite actor or actress is preaching it, it must be a good cause, and because they are involved I must be involved. I don't know why this works or why it hits us more when there is a face to the cause, but it works! And it will keep on working!! Support your favorite movements even if it is just because of the face that is attached to it. Make sure you start making your life a bit more Eco-friendly everyday and don't be afraid of change, embrace it, you are saving yourself with these actions!!

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  1. I personally like looking at the faces. It also shows as that the multi millionaires can get down and dirty and that they are real people too. I think it allows us to feel that there is good in everyone out there.

  2. glad to see celebrities getting involved. What ever it takes to make more people aware of the green movement is top on my list


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