Tuesday, March 10, 2009

Stainless or Plastic, what do you drink out of??

You know the saying at a food store "Paper or Plastic" well the new saying is "Stainless or Plastic"!! What do you drink out of? If it is still plastic this information might change your mind. Do you know that 40 million plastic water bottles per day are dumped into our landfills!! That is crazy. What is even more crazier is they say it takes 30 years for the plastic to break down. That is more then along time, just think what you have done in 30 years! The scary thing is Plastic water bottles was only a clever marketing scam. "40 percent of bottled water starts out as tap water"!! I can't believe this, why didn't I think of this, we could all be rich off of this scam. "Companies, like Coca Cola and Pepsi, take the water for free, running it through some filters, pour it into a bottle with a fancy name and then sell it back to us at a price 240 to 10,000 times higher than tap water." WOW. The marketing companies have tricked us into believing that bottled water is the healthier choice and made us believe it is better for you then regular tap water. They created a image that bottled water means a healthy life/person. But " a four year study by the Natural Resources Defence Council (NRDC) found plenty of bacteria and chemicals in the bottles water. Since there are currently no regulations in place for bottled water it's hard to know exactly what you are buying." Check out this site for great information on this topic http://www.greenlivingonline.com/article/get-rid-plastic-water-bottles
Now some of us are up to date on this plastic matter and have switched to stainless steel water bottles, which really is the healthier choice! Because most stainless steel water bottle companies guarantee that they are BPA FREE and use non-toxic inks, so no off gassing or leachin of chemicals are going into your body. http://www.ewanbottles.com/ I am sure there are probably a hand full of celebrities that have jumped on this bang wagon and issue. And you know if they are supporting this, soon everyone else will! Which is a very good thing because this issue is something that people should know more about and start making the change to the stainless bottles to protect themselves and their loved ones. This is definitely a movement that should not be ignored and something that we should all be doing right away!

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  1. Scary, and I can't believe the amount of research out there now and some people still choose to ignore this issue!! Jeff.

  2. I have heard that some city's are going to be putting a band on plastic water bottles, heard and heard it but I have not seen anything in force as of yet. Is it all political yapping on is someone out there actually going to do something about it?

  3. Great question! I have heard the same rumour but I have not seen with my own eyes, at least, any true action on this matter. Hopefully the more people talk about it the more people will start to band water bottles within their lifestyle! So lets spread the word!


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