Monday, March 2, 2009

Ty Pennington missing at his own Home Show???

Ty Pennington is the new face for the National Home & Garden Show, but where is he? His face is plasted on all print material out there regarding the National Home & Garden Show, his BIO and quick write ups are more then visible on all the City Home Show sites and he even does all of the Radio ads. Lets face it, he has a great face for these things and everyone recognizes his name, so why wouldn't they make him a sponsored partner. However, due to this advertising strategy, everyone is given the illusion that if you go the show you are more likely to see Ty Pennington, the face of the National Home Show. However Ty never showed up to the Toronto one and now rumor is he will not be at the Buffalo one, who knows if he was even at any of the other ones so far?? I know he is a busy guy, but this is truly false advertising. Good for him for getting this kind of publicity and it truly is a great avenue for promoting his new tySTYLE line, but he at least should make an appearance to something that he is so highly supporting? "This partnership makes a lot of sense for me. People always ask me where they can buy the cool products they see on our show, and the truth is that the best place to find all the basics, plus all the hot new products – all in one place – is at the type of home shows Marketplace Events produces." This is only my 2cents on the whole take, I truly don't know the contract he has with these shows, but I am more then curious to find out,

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  1. I would like to know where he is too - Suppose to be the headliner and we don't even see his head at all. These home shows try to fish us in with bait on the line and forget to throw the line in the water.

  2. I would like to know if he showed up to any of them??? Maybe he got another DUI :( OPPS

  3. I don't care what you say Jo I like Ty anyway

  4. I would like to know how much money he gets


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